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This weeks special features!

lsmoviemike.wmv lsmoviemike.wmv
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This is my first short film! I hope you enjoy! 

Listen to these free songs! 

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Which movie sequels are coming up and which are not? Find out!

Spider-man 4: Definate. After some research I have that Spider-man 4  IS coming around 2011! There are even rumers about  who the

villans are gonna be. The most likely suspects are Carnage and Lizard! The question to ask now is, is Tobey Maguier gonna be in it???   

Spider-man 5: Likely. The details on this movie are a little more sketchy, but it looks like this movie is coming soon after spider-man4.

Men in Black 3: Unlikely. It dos'nt look like there's gonna be another "Men in Black" movie. The second one did'nt go well with the

critics, and also Will Smith and Tomy Lee Jones have both moved on.

Godzilla 2: Not happening. Sorry people, Godzilla 2 is NOT coming to a theater near you. The Tristars Godzilla movie was hated by long

time fans, and the movie merchandice did'nt exactly fly off the shelves. (This information has been carfully researed) 

And now you know, I hope you liked this info.
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